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July '20

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Hwy 80 Plant new water storage Tank (1778 views)

 In preparation for another hot and dry summer, plans were put in place for greater water storage capacity.

At the Hwy 80 Plant a new water storage tank with the additional storage capacity of 125,000 gallons of water adding to the pumping time into the distribution system.

At the Bellevue plant on Hwy 528, the old worn out 12,000 gallon water storage tank was replaced with a 44,000 gallon tank.  

At our "Shell Water Plant" on Freight Entrance road off Hwy 80, plans are underway to increase water storage and  pumping time by replacing the existing tank with larger one.

Another source of water for the East side of the system is the National Guard Camp Minden facility. The Board has entered into an agreemement with Camp Minden autorities to purchase water from  Camp Minden.  This agrement will provide an immediate source of up to 200K gallons of water per day. 

June 11, 2012
Hwy 80 New tank tan color (1683 views)
Hwy 80 Plant tanks:

June 11, 2012
Old Bellevue tank (1732 views)
The old smaller in size water storage tank.
June 11, 2012
Bellevue New Water Storage Tank (1837 views)
The Bellevue plant has been renovated with new pumps, a generator that is now sitting where the old hydronuematic tank stood.
June 11, 2012
New well East Side (1765 views)
Our first attempt in 2012 to find a good source of water failed. This was our our second attempt to find a water source for the east side.  This site is located on the north side of hwy 80 just into the Webster Parish, prior to Freight Entrance road 
June 11, 2012

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