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May '22

Water Supply & Distribution

Village Water System Inc. gets its water from deep wells in the Terrace and Wilcox  Aquifers in  Bossier and Webster Parishes. These wells are strategically located to best serve our customers. The water is then treated and pumped into the water system.


Our Water System does not have any distribution pipes that contain lead.  Our service lines from the main water line to the meters are Polyvinyl.  The 2016 consumer Confidence Report (available on this site) can provide you with the latest Health Department Lead analysis.  For any more information related to lead in the water system please call our manager Sal Fayad at 318-949-0223.

Our water system piping  is composed primarily of PVC piping with some transite and Cast Iron.  Line sizes vary from 1.5 inch to 12 inch in diameter.  The system is automated to turn on the wells and booster pumps as water levels in storage tanks drop.

The water produced at the LAAP, Bellevue, Hwy 80 and Fillmore plants maintain Hill Top tank storage facility.  The Hill Top tank acts as an elevated storage tank because of the elevation of its area.  With the exception of the Telephone Hill plant area and the Bud's plant area the LAAP, Bellevue, HWY 80, Fillmore wells & Hill Top storage tank feed from East of Goodwill Rd. to wafer rd. This is an isolated system and for operational purposes it has been named the west side of the system.  Both, the LAAP site wells and the Fillmore wells are controlled from the Hill Top Storage tank.  The wells at Fillmore are controlled via radio.  The LAAP wells are also controlled by a radio signal.  The new Hwy 80 plant is controlled via radio from Fillmore.

The Bellevue plant services the area from LA.  HWY 528 @ intersection of Goodwill Rd. to intersection with LA HWY157.  It continues to serve LA. HWY 157 North to Calhoun rd., South to Fillmore plant.  A pressure tank, the demand of the system in the Princeton area (described above) as well as the demand of the Hill Top tank water level control wells at Bellevue plant. 
Wells 12, 13, 16 and 17 maintain the elevated tank at Fire Station Rd. and Adner Rd.  This is an isolated system and considered the East side of the system.   All the wells are controlled by water level at the elevated storage tank. Telephone lines control Wells 16 and 17.  Wells 13 and 14 are controlled by the probe system in the tank.   The booster pumps at the Tall Pines Station are energized by the wells 12 and 13.   Wells 16 and 17 are controlled by a probe system.  Wells 18 and 19 are feed the ground storage tank at the Hwy 80.  The Hwy 80 plant is energized by the water level at Fillmore.  Fillmore is energized by the water level at Hilltop ground storage tank.

Well 15 maintains the ground storage tank at Bud's plant. Two booster Pumps an air compressor and a pressure tank maintain the system pressure.  This is also an isolated system that supplies water to the Merrywoods and Mimosa Gardens subdivisions. 
Currently required bacteriological samples to meet the requirements of the Total coliform Rule are collected by the personnel from the Bossier Parish Health Unit and analyzed by Louisiana Department of Health Laboratories.  Additionally, chemical, physical and radiological samples for compliance with the Louisiana Safe Drinking Water Act are collected and analyzed by the Department of Health Personnel.  Water system personnel will collect and analyze operational control parameters to insure the proper day-to-day operation of the system.

Customer growth

Since 1991 to the end of 2017 there has been  increase of  1,367  active meters. That equates to an annual average growth of just over 50 active meters. There were a total of 3560 active meters at the end of 2017.   

Last Modified: February 8, 2018

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