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September '18

Welcome to Village Water System Inc.

Welcome to Village Water System Inc. We are a non-profit cooperative serving rural residential customers in the Princeton and Red Chute area in East Bossier Parish. Our mission is to provide safe, clean water to our area customers. Our offices are located on Hwy 80 in Haughton, Louisiana.

Village Water System, Inc.,(VWS) is a non-profit member owned water utility corporation, it was formed in 1967 with the sole purpose of serving the citizens of the Haughton area with potable water.  The water system is independent of the nearby cities and is governed by the by the Public Service Commission.  Under the auspice of a seven member elected board and through a perpetual agreement with its members the system is obligated to serve all residences, businesses, and industries within the limits of the system.  Currently we serve over 3500 active meters and a population estimated to be over 12,000 members.  The system spans along the LA State Hwy 80/I-20 corridor, from the Bossier City Limit on the west to just inside the Webster Parish on the east side and extends up to six miles north and south with I-20 forming the majority of the southern boundary.  VWS is served by 18 wells with a distribution system consisting of eight water plants, twelve storage tanks with a storage capacity of over two million gallons of water.  Monthly production averages approximately twenty million gallons during cooler months and over thirty million gallons during the summer months  


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Meter Reading Issue
Wednesday, Nov 08, 2017 7:55am


10210 Statesville Blvd.

P. O. Box 128 Cleveland, NC 27013 Office: 704.278.2221 Fax: 704.278.9616


6 November 2017


Village Water Association Re: Meter Reading Issue To: Sal Fayad,


Recently Village water accepted our recommendation to upgrade your meter reading capabilities by utilizing our Solid State Registers (SSR). One aspect of this register is an increase in Village Waters ability to find suspected customer side leaks. This was an important aspect for Village Water so that you can improve your level of customer service. Part of the new registers functions are a 10 digit display. This new display shows water usage down to the thousandth of a gallon. The old display is 6 digits. A Village Water meter reading employee read the new meters manually exactly as they were taught to do. With the increased granularity of the new register 10 digits rather than 6 this lead to the incorrect billing. As we understand the situation only 3 out of 460 customers had these new SSR registers at the time of the last meter reading. So this was an extremely limited situation for Village Water. This in no way affected any electronic readings that were performed with the system.


We failed to properly train your meter readers during this transition for manual readings. This has been corrected so that no further discrepancies should be seen.



Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson Mueller Systems

Territory Manager – LA, MS


Sewer Charge
Monday, Nov 02, 2015 10:35am

Your sewer charge on your current bill reflects your actual water usage. From September to March, what water usage you consume, you will be charged the same consumption for sewer. For example: if you use 5,000 gallons of water, you will be charged 5,000 gallons of sewer. Your last bill was still on sewer average. The sewer company averages your winter and fall usage and that is what you are billed through the spring and summer. If you have any questions in regards to how you are billed for sewer, please call the parish at 318-742-9748.

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